Working in Biomedical Research

Veterinary technicians also have many opportunities available working in the field of research. There are many veterinary colleges that conduct government or industry sponsored biomedical research where vet techs play an important role. There many particular task performed by veterinary technicians under the supervision of a licensed doctor or scientist that include:

• Supervising the humane care of you research animals

• Assist in all aspects of implementing research projects

• Operate laboratory research equipment

• Data recording and record-keeping

• Involvement in the production of academic papers and educational publications

Certification Necessary
Veterinary technicians who are interested in working in a research facility must first obtain certification through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. Participants must acquire additional education and experience requirements in order to gain employment at an animal laboratory research facility. This course of training also appears participants with quite a bit of on-the-job education that will prove valuable once graduating in seeking gainful employment.

Jobs Available
There many research facilities located at universities throughout the country. However, there are many jobs available in specific animal research facilities as well as private practices and animal hospitals. Typically, the school where you are training your veterinary technician can help you locate employment once you graduate.