Vet Tech Salary

Most vet techs that have completed school, passed the VTNE, and become licensed make on the average of $31,000 to $35,000 or so a year.
Vet Tech Salary

Veterinary Technician Specialists (VTS) Earn More
After working for a few years and gaining valuable experience, many licensed vet techs choose to pursue specialties. Listed below are popular specializations and average salaries (note: salaries vary depending on geographical location and experience):

Places That You Can Work
You are not limited to just a veterinarian clinic or animal hospital when you are a licensed vet tech. Surprisingly, universities also need vet techs to help work with lab animals. Zoos need vet techs who are educated about animal health and qualified to assist the zoo veterinarian. Also, don’t forget about animal shelters. Your actual salary can vary widely depending on where you work and who is paying you.

But the real reason you become a vet tech isn’t for the money but for the love of the animals. The work you will be doing is for the animals, not for just yourself.

Penn Foster College
A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology
Penn Foster College - Distance Learning Program
Become a vet tech in as little as 1 year. The Penn Foster Veterinary Technician associate degree program is fully accredited by the AVMA.
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26 Responses to Vet Tech Salary

  1. Jenny

    IMO, veterinary assistants don’t make that much… more like higher 20s, lower 30s… definitely not $39.000

    8:45 pm on 7/12/11
  2. Cadence

    Well it all depends where you work. By chicago the pay is more high 30’s to 40’s.
    If you work in a lab or at a speciality clinic you will make more then a local vet.

    6:12 pm on 7/14/11
  3. Donna

    I live in Los Angeles and work at the LA Zoo. My pay is around $35k.

    5:08 am on 7/21/11
  4. Fanny

    I just graduated junior college and am thinking about skipping university and going straight to vet tech school because I love animals and my friends tell me university is a waste of money and student loans anyway. How many years will it take for me to become an anesthesia technician?

    5:03 am on 9/15/11
  5. Elajaj

    i’m still in middle school and i was wondering how much do you need to pay to be a vet.

    10:02 pm on 9/19/11
  6. Vet tech jane

    if you start as a veterinary assistant and work your way up, you don’t really need to pay anything. if you want to start immediately as a vet tech, the training program and certification will probably cost you $1000 in tuition and $500 in fees / study materials etc.

    1:55 pm on 10/3/11
  7. guest

    Why do vet tech assistants make more money than the actual vet tech?

    2:42 pm on 11/6/11
  8. Blahblahblah

    Uhh… They don’t.

    12:30 pm on 12/1/11
  9. Caitlin

    This chart seems not at all accurate. the pay is about $10,000 less than is displayed here.

    11:26 am on 12/19/11
  10. Animallover1

    How much do vetrinary technicians get pay now?

    7:29 pm on 2/8/12
  11. Adam

    I’m a vet tech in Oklahoma and am at about 40k

    11:08 pm on 3/5/12
  12. Gabbagabbahey211

    Hi donna, your job is my dream. I can’t find a school to follow my dream what school did you go to?

    8:05 pm on 3/19/12
  13. K80thegr7

    To be a doctor of veterinary medicine, you have to get a bachelor’s degree and attend a 4 year vet school. The total cost of tuition is around 100,000 to 150,000 dollars.

    2:07 am on 3/30/12
  14. jen

    Hi Adam you say you make 40k? I was wondering what kind of vet tech are you?

    5:01 pm on 3/31/12
  15. WestwoodRVT

    depends on where you live. here in west los angeles, the chart is pretty accurate. of course, if you live in the middle of kansas, where the standard of living is lower, your pay will be $10,000 less.

    9:06 pm on 4/1/12
  16. Mona_camacho16

    wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww tat is a lot of moey

    3:50 pm on 4/2/12
  17. Sarah Hudnall111

    hi vet tech jane. i have been working as a nursing aide for almost 20 can i change my career,from cna to vet tech.

    7:38 pm on 8/13/12
  18. Vkasel

    These figures do not reflect the true starting salaries for VAs or techs
    I am a CVT / LVT in 2 states – I have worked in general practice – emergency and critical care – in an animal shelter – am currently teaching VA- these salaries are top of the heap for very experienced people.

    9:31 pm on 9/26/12
  19. Kenziestx

    I am a vet tech, not registered or certified. I started out as a kennel person then moved up to Animal Health Technician at an animal shelter. I then was recruited by a new vet clinic and eventually promoted to Vet Tech. I was making $40,000/Annually after only being in the field for 4 years.

    11:00 am on 10/16/12
  20. CVTstudent

    There is nowhere that a person can become a certified tech (when going the degree route) and spend only $1000 in tuition and $500 in fees/study materials. The school must be accredited with the AVMA in order for the student to become eligible to sit for the VTNE after graduation. The cheapest that you would find would be a 2 year community college program. For full time, you are talking almost $2000 PER SEMESTER. And about $500 in books PER SEMESTER. You still end up paying close to 10,000 when all is said and done.

    11:11 pm on 10/7/13
  21. CVTstudent

    Agreed. They definitely don’t. A technician is above an assistant. Think of a nurse’s aid in comparison to an RN…

    11:14 pm on 10/7/13
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    11:43 am on 12/3/14
  23. Savannah Shores

    alright so I go to high school in SC West Florence high school but I am planning to go to the university of Tennessee after I graduate and go to the college of veterinary medicine how much will it cost to go to school out of state in stead of in state and if I become a veterinarian how long will it take me to pay off my tuition

    9:11 am on 12/9/14
  24. Veterinary Technology Books | Technology Documents

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    3:38 pm on 1/4/15
  25. Breona

    how much will you be paid just starting out with no exerience

    10:43 am on 3/19/15
  26. Ashley

    I am a junior in high school and planning to go to college and work with animals. To be a vetenarian it takes 8 years which I would rather not do. So, I would like more information on other vet positions. What does a vet technician do? How much do they get paid? How long is college for this and what do I need to take in school now? What is a vet assistant? What do they get paid, how long is college, what do they do? Thank you, Ashley

    9:42 am on 6/13/15

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