What is CVTEA?

The American Veterinary Medical Association in 1972 authorized the creation of an accreditation program for the raining of animal technicians. Originally called the Committee on Accreditation of Training for Animal Technicians (CATAT), the committee was charged with all the duties associated with regards to the implementation and continuation of setting the standards by which animal technicians should be trained. The focus was slightly changed in 1974 to include not only education but all activities performed by animal technicians, with a name change to the Committee on Animal Technician Activities and Training. In 1989, a name change substituted “veterinary” for “animal,” and that committee subsequently had a name change itself the following year when the executive board decided to change the name to its present moniker, the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA).

Mission Statement Created
The stated intent by the committee and its mission statement developed in 2001 is to shape the future of veterinary medicine. The committee is established to promote veterinary technology. It also promotes a veterinary professional team approach supported through education, quality, integrity, leadership and collegiality. That committee views the accreditation of educational programs as a service to the public informing people that these recognized institutions and programs offer quality education that will benefit its graduates providing them with the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience to act as veterinary technicians, thus enhancing their prospects for greater employment and career mobility.

Committee Objectives
The committee objectives include:
• Accreditation of veterinary technology programs.
• Continual assistance developing and implementing veterinary technology programs.
• Ongoing study of any and all matters pertaining to veterinary technician activity and advising the executive board on how to implement AVMA policy pertaining to this.

Committee Membership
Their 19 members on the committee that include 10 veterinarians, one in each of the following categories:
• the Association’s Council on Education
State boards of veterinary medical examiners
• private large animal practices
• private small animal practices
• member at large

Additionally, the committee includes six veterinary technicians of which two must be non-program affiliated and one must be involved in veterinary technology education. Also, the committee has one Canadian member of the Canadian veterinary medical Association from the Animal Health Technologist/Veterinary Technician Program Accreditation Committee. This person can be either a veterinarian or a veterinary technician. Plus, the committee consists of two public members who are not engaged in veterinary medicine and are not veterinary technicians. All technician members must be in good standing as members of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA).

Meetings are held twice a year in Schaumburg, IL.