Vet Tech Duties That Aren’t Hands On With the Animals

Aside from working with the animals, a vet tech has other clinical duties to keep up with also. You will be the one who cleans and sterilizes the surgery room. You will be the one who does the paperwork for each day’s surgical procedures and other appointments. You will be the one who keeps supplies stocked for surgery in the surgery room. You will also be the one who performs lab work and you will be the one who processes samples to be sent to outside labs. Another task you will do is in radiology. The x-rays and images made there will be yours to file and develop. There are many other tasks as well.

Veterinary equipment
When you are in school, you will receive training for a variety of different kinds of equipment. Some of these are the autoclave or ETO sterilizer, imaging equipment for radiology, lab equipment like a Vet Test machine or centrifuge, and the equipment for oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Aside from the equipment, you will be responsible for maintaining sterile surgical packs(you will learn how to pack them and you will also learn your veterinarian’s choice of instruments), drawing blood and performing lab tests using that blood like CBC. You will also perform cell counting and perform a multitude of function lab tests.
You will perform fecal tests and you will be the one that collects samples for this procedure from the patients.
You will need to know medication used and will need to be able to keep an up to date pharmacy setting. You will also be responsible for making sure that every exam room and other rooms in clinic are properly stocked with the necessary items at all times.
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