Top 10 Reasons to Spay & Neuter Your Dogs & Cats

Wanted to share this great infographic I spotted at

Top 10 Reasons to Spay & Neuter

10. Female animals in heat attract horny howling male animals.

9. Intact males more likely to roam (and get lost).

8. Intact dogs are more likely to bite.

7. Sterilized animals less prone to certain cancers and infections.

6. Less territorial marking. Spend less on cleaning supplies!

5. No more hauling home costly bags of kitten or puppy chow.

4. No more puppy piddle on grandma’s prize-winning quilt.

3. Fewer homeless animals roaming the streets. (Zombies still a problem).

2. No more posting flyers saying “Free kittens to good home”

1. Fewer homeless dogs and cats dying in shelters.