Top 10 Reasons Being a Vet Tech Sucks

More and more people are gravitating toward becoming a vet tech these days. The reasons why escape most normal human beings. It is extremely hard to imagine why anyone in their right mind would want to become a vet tech. The job totally sucks and here are 10 reasons why:

1. You can’t escape the poop smell.

2. You never get rid of pet hair. It will follow you home, over to Pete’s house, out to the game, on weekend canoe trips and will have your mom brushing your clothing every Sunday you go for dinner.

3. You will always smell like poop.

4. You have too many career choices between private vet clinics, working at zoos, doing research, assisting at wildlife preserves, choosing large animal care opportunities at farms and ranches, plus more, The many and varied opportunities open to a vet tech can probably drive a normal person crazy attempting a decision as to which one is suitable.

5. Putting a passion in practice is a horrible situation when a compelling love for animals translates to an unending desire to help care for their welfare. Fulfilling a lifelong desire dedicating one’s self to animal care will leave you, well…smelling like poop.

6. If you pursue a career as a vet tech, you will more than likely become admired by many of your old school friends and some distant relatives who thought you were a complete loser. By obtaining an education and accreditation as a professional in a well-respected trade, your esteem will rise greatly presenting you with the challenge handling all the kudos coming your way. It will be tough dealing with all the adulation and it may drive you to therapy.

7. People may think you always smell like poop.

8. Career growth due to your acceptance and satisfaction may compel you toward more education. This can be a debilitating condition if your career choice offers you the continuous exposure to increased education, thus bettering yourself. This ability to better yourself may lead to an increase in your financial situation that will, more than likely, influence you to purchase a better car, a nicer place to live, swell vacations, possible bling and a bit more financial security than pulling down meager subsistence wages. If you head down this road, there may be no cure and, and, you might wind up successful, so beware.

9. Here is a really great reason why becoming a vet tech sucks. You have to be in the company of all those cute and cuddly pets that look to you for comfort and help. You have to look at those sad, sad eyes that will compel you to care. And, you know what happens once you care and work passionately on their behalf…

10. You will smell like poop!