Vet Tech Salary

Most vet techs that have completed school, passed the VTNE, and become licensed make on the average of $31,000 to $35,000 or so a year.
Vet Tech Salary

Veterinary Technician Specialists (VTS) Earn More
After working for a few years and gaining valuable experience, many licensed vet techs choose to pursue specialties. Listed below are popular specializations and average salaries (note: salaries vary depending on geographical location and experience):

Places That You Can Work
You are not limited to just a veterinarian clinic or animal hospital when you are a licensed vet tech. Surprisingly, universities also need vet techs to help work with lab animals. Zoos need vet techs who are educated about animal health and qualified to assist the zoo veterinarian. Also, don’t forget about animal shelters. Your actual salary can vary widely depending on where you work and who is paying you.

But the real reason you become a vet tech isn’t for the money but for the love of the animals. The work you will be doing is for the animals, not for just yourself.