Pima Veterinary Technician Program

Pima Community College has been spreading education and learning since 1969. It is offering educational courses in varied disciplines. From Health-Related Professions to Science and Engineering, Social Sciences to Public Safety, Computer Information Technology to Management & Marketing — it is covering it all.

With an increased scope of veterinary medicine, a large percentage of students have shown their interest in enrolling for the Veterinary Science Courses. Pima College is providing the Veterinary Technician Program which is accredited by American Veterinary Medical Association. This program enables students to address the medical needs of animals like nursing, nutrition, radiography, anesthesiology, etc. It provides a good exposure to different procedures of clinical laboratory.

This program promises to award a truly fulfilling career progression. As a certified veterinary technician one may work for veterinarians, scientists, biological research workers or business and organizations that are involved in providing animal care. Moreover, after successfully completing this program a student may also opt for further certifications by appearing for the state and national level board exams.

Enrollment Requirements for this course:
– GED or a high school diploma.
– REA 112 level of score in the reading assessment or C grade in REA 091.
– Minimum C grade in completing MAT 122, BIO 100IN, CHM 130 and CSA 100.
– Proof of personal medical insurance.
– Proof of different immunizations like tetanus toxoid and pre-exposure rabies vaccination series.
– Have physical strength to lift forty pound animals and performing other physical tasks.
– Successful completion of all the procedures for admission to this program.

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