New Technology and Techniques Spawn Continued Education

Brian is one of those guys just have to know everything. Working as a vet tech for a small pet hospital, he is consistently and constantly asking questions of the doctors always trying to improve his knowledge base. To field the veterinary medicine does present a need for professionals to seek what appears to be nonstop education continually striving to offer their clients and patients the best and most effective animal health care available.

Education Time is Challenging

No matter what career you are pursuing, finding the time to increase your skill levels and develop a greater degree of knowledge about your profession is challenging and almost overwhelming. The demands of your day-to-day job coupled with trying to lead a normal personal life may leave little time left to pursue either personal or professional development.

Industry Players Provide Continuing Education Opportunities
There are several industry players such as Nestlé Purina that devote a great deal of time, effort and money toward helping veterinary medical professionals improve their skills and knowledge by offering either online or downloadable education courses that can easily fit into any busy schedule. One such program offered by Nestlé Purina is designed to help professionals in the veterinary medicine field increase knowledge about canine and feline nutrition in a convenient and efficient manner.

Daily Nutrition Matters
Continuing education courses such as daily attrition matters allow participants the opportunity to either brush up on nutrition knowledge or help veterinary technicians understand the important role in fishing plays in chronic animal healthcare management. The course is designed to help all participants nourish and advance their careers.

Lots of CE Sources
Continuing education for that text is not limited to commercial sponsors like Nestlé Purina. In fact, there are organizations dedicated to helping veterinary medical support staff gain advanced knowledge helping keep healthcare delivery teams up to date on the newest techniques in latest technology. One such organization is the Veterinary Support Personnel Network (VSPN). Membership to this support network is free. The network offers online continuing education that helps enhance the veterinary medical profession by allowing staff to continually develop greater skills while studying from the company convenience of either their workplace or home. VSPN, in its mission statement, claims that course creation is of the highest quality possible. Over are you different courses are accessible online and taught by specialists in the field. The VSPN online continuing education is accredited by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. Additionally, accreditation is requested and received from states in the US as well as provinces in Canada. The VSPN offers continuing education to almost all areas of veterinary medical support and specifically has CE courses designed to advance vet tech careers. Other online sources for vet tech CE include:
Veterinary Dental Forum
VetDent CE

Employer Paid CE
Often, veterinarians employing vet techs fully realize the importance of continuing education and invest in their own practice by paying for these courses for their personnel. Brian, the always inquisitive and insatiable seeker looking for veterinary technician thirst-quenching knowledge always takes advantage of his employer’s generosity paying for his continuing education classes whenever they are available online. The doctor knows his practice will benefit from Brian’s continuing education and allows him to participate at work while on the clock. Therefore, Brian has all the motivation in the world since he’s getting paid to take a class that doesn’t cost him a dime. In fact, many of the online services and associations mentioned above offer e-mail alerts keeping membership informed about upcoming educational opportunities.

Also, consult with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians calendar of events for industry Continuing Education opportunities.