It is Time to Study to be a Vet Tech

Why not get paid to do something you love? Huh?

There are too many people stuck in dead-end jobs where every day is a struggle to get up and get to that you really, really wish would go away.

Jack loves his job, you think. He works in construction. Makes great money.  Stays in shape.

Priscilla always wanted to be a hair dresser, you remember. She says she’s about a year out from going on her own.

Nadia was smart. She took that 18-month course to become a nail technician and now she is sought after in a tug-of-war between two salons vying for her services. Nadia is good. She has a great personality and mixed it with something she likes.

I hate what I’m doing. But, I remember those weekends working at the Main Street Animal Hospital when I was in high school. I wasn’t particularly fond of having to hose down the kennels but I sure liked being around all the animals. What was that guy’s name? The vet tech who worked there that summer I did.

Opportunity is Growing
Well, I’ll remember him as Vince the Vet Tech!

Vince couldn’t have been more than 20-21 and he said he was already a licensed tech. I think he went to high school with my cousin Roger, so he must have been out only two years when I met him.

Two years? That’s not very long, is it?

Two years and I could get a career like Vince instead of having to drag myself unwantingly each day to this miserable job.

Yeah, a job, when Vince was smart enough to get a career. I remember him telling me he had a dream to work with horses at a training stable. I wonder if he ever got there?  He told me one of the girls he went to school with got a great job at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida and loved the lifestyle in the Sunshine State.

He said more opportunity awaited smart animal lovers since the American public keeps spending more each year on pet care. Americans spend $38.4 billion – BILLION – annually on pets and a great chunk of it goes toward medical care. The annual costs for an exam, vaccinations, heartworm treatment and any topical flea and tick treatment run nearly $300 alone for a large dog, Vince said. He said that more awareness education has prompted pet owners to seek preventative medical care to keep down the costs.

I probably should have become a vet tech, huh?

Checking out Prospects
If I go online to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, I can check out the prospects available if I become a vet tech. At the site’s discussion on vet techs, it says there is going to be a great need through, at least, 2016 for jobs available to graduates of two-year programs.

Wow, It says that at present, there’s more demand for vet techs than there are licensed graduates to fill the jobs.

Anyone can do what I’m doing now.

Let me surf to find a school to change my life today!