Forget Vet School, Become a Tech

One of the obstacles many well-intentioned animal lovers face when trying to pursue a veterinary medical career is lack of an attention span. It takes eight years of schooling to become a licensed veterinarian. Therefore, many youngsters who start dreaming about caring for animals at an early age are not prepared for the sacrifices involved when time arrives to decide a career path.

It Don’t Come Easy
If it was easy, we would all be licensed vets. However, this career pursuit is not for the weak-minded nor people who have strong commitment issues. Not only do most licensed veterinarians need a four-year undergraduate education, followed by four years of vet school, but graduates also need to spend three to four years as interns before a DVM can go out on their own.

Long-Term Commitment
So, after 11 or 12 hard years of constant learning, when you turn 30 you can start your career. That is, unless you aren’t exhausted, burned-out and overwhelmingly burdened with debt. Consider an alternative to pursue your childhood dream caring for animals. Become a Vet Tech.