Euthanasia, an Occupational Hazard

The most heart-wrenching part of being a vet tech is when you have to tell the owner that there is only one option for their pet—euthanasia. Oftentimes, the veterinarian will take care of this, but sometimes this responsibility falls into the hands of the vet tech.

An emotionally draining part of the job
You will most likely be the one placing that IV in that animal for the last time and you will usually have to do that while the owner is present. Most owners want to be there for everything involved in the euthanasia of their pet. After all, that is the last moments they will have with that pet. This can be a very hard time on you and the owners. Knowing that you will be administering fatal drugs to that animal is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your job as a vet tech. You will look into that animal’s eyes and it will tear you down.

Consider that you may be saving the animal from prolonged suffering
Euthanasia may seem like the harshest treatment you could ever perform on an animal. There has to be something else, right? No, sometimes, death is a gift. Sometimes it is the only option left for an animal that has an incurable disease or an animal that has been partially crushed by a car.

It is especially a gift when that animal is suffering in unbelievable pain. Even though you or the owners may not be able to see that pain, it is definitely there. Animals have an awesome way of being loyal to their owners and not showing pain is their way of not upsetting their beloved masters. Just always keep in mind that euthanasia is a last option. An animal will appreciate your efforts in ending their pain and releasing them into peace. So, if you become a vet tech, always keep in mind that death is as much a part of an animal’s life as living and breathing is.