Do Not Visit During the Big Game

If you plan going to a large university or college that offers a veterinary technician program, making a campus visit is a highly recommended part of your selection plan. However, as tempting as it might be to try to squeeze in a visit during a weekend when there is a high profile football game or other activity, don’t do it. Your visitor should be planted on a date when you can gain the most amount of valuable information that will help you make your school selection possible.

Schedule time should not be complicated
Scheduling your visit to a potential school where you might roll in the veterinary technician program should not be incredibly complicated procedure. Sure, your present school work, possible job and even your parents roll going to have a great influence upon when you can make the right choice to go visit a college campus. The first thing you need to keep in mind when you’re planning a road trip to a potential that tech school is to keep sight of the reason you’re going – to see if this particular place proves to be the perfect fit for your personal needs.

Picking the correct time
Fortunately there is more than one good time to make a successful campus visit. The keys to picking a date that will lead to a successful trip are planning well ahead following a few logical and simple tips. Always choose the time from Monday through Thursday when school is in full swing. You really never want to choose the very first week of a semester as well as not selecting the last week of any. Never allow a visit to a potential that tech school to interrupt or negatively impact your present school work, so make sure you arrange with your present teachers to cover whatever course and test work necessary. Planning will allow you to possibly select a time when you are off from school all the prospective vet school is not.

Good Times
High school seniors will find that it may be possible to visit a potential college in late August before any high school session begins. However, fall, winter and spring are good times ago when you can see the entire school life in full bloom. Summer school sessions are usually not quite realistic and with school life is really all about, although if you have no choice is a good idea to visit the school in any situation before you actually decide to enroll there. If you are planning well ahead in or in your junior year, you may be able to use your spring vacation if it’s different from this potential college one to make this visit. If your potential college is in the northern climates of the country, you may want to limit your visit to either early autumn or late spring to conduct campus tours and visiting vet tech facilities in the best weather conditions possible.

Invitation Mostly
Many schools will invite potential applicants for an organized school visit once they have received an interest or a request for admissions information. Sometimes these arranged campus visits will not only help you gain all the information you need but are conducted quite comfortably and conveniently in that both transportation and accommodations are provided to you from the area where you live. You may be taking a trip with fellow classmates or other individuals that live in your area that are interested in the school. But I did always check with your high school guidance counselor about the availability of college sponsored campus tours.

Do Not Go…
• Whenever college is not in session.
o Thanksgiving
o Christmas
o Winter or Spring breaks
o Summer
o Weekends
o Exam Week(s)
o Whenever the Admissions Office is closed