Becoming a Diesel Mechanic

Career Spotlight: Diesel Mechanics
These are the people who get to work on mostly large, diesel engine-powered vehicles when they suddenly break down or are in need of repairs. One can become a diesel mechanic by undergoing formal training or simply through on-the-job training under an experienced mechanic. A working knowledge of the math subjects, such as algebra and trigonometry, as well as physics, and mechanics, are needed. Thus, it is ideal that a person aspiring to be Diesel Mechanic should have a High School Diploma or at least be a High School Senior. Still, there are some Diesel Mechanic training programs being offered in some school, opening up as a specialization. Still, the best diesel mechanics are those who love to tinker on their automobiles in order to understand the engine better.

How much does this job pay?
Well, it varies depending on the skill, educational attainment, and the experience of the mechanic. Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has been determined that the average salary of a diesel mechanic runs around $41,590. However, for novice mechanics, they normally receive a slightly lower pay check and may earn around $29,517.00-$42,000.00 (source: Diesel Mechanic Schools). Thus, it is important that the novice mechanic try to have a very good mentor to follow around so that he can add not only added knowledge but also include years of training experience as well.

Diesel mechanics normally work in automotive shops where they usually clean the engines. They can also get hired by companies who run their own automotive shops or have their own garages. Undergoing training with a reputable automotive shop may look good later on in his resume. The certification desired also depends on what the person wants to accomplish. Naturally, if he wants to have higher pay, then he should be serious enough to undergo training and be certified under the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Also, it is best that the mechanic have a commercial driver’s license so that he can later take out the vehicles for a test drive after working on them. Employers want the whole package when hiring Diesel Mechanics and would want to hire one who can do a lot of things. Some even ask their mechanics to undergo drug testing.