Working in Alternative Veterinary Medicine

Many years ago, alternative medicine was the only kind of medicine there was. In today’s society, alternative medicine has taken a back seat to advancing Western Medicine. Many wonderful things have happened in alternative medicine and that includes alternative veterinarian medicine as well. Many pet owners aren’t aware of the advantages of alternative medicine for their pets. As a vet tech working in alternative animal medicine, you could educate owners and help spread the word.

There are some alternative veterinarians who practice some holistic healing along with conventional medicine and there are others who practice only in the alternative method. The veterinarians who practice alternative medicine wholly are few and far between. However, if you have an interest in alternative medicine and would like to be a part of an alternative medicine animal hospital as a vet tech, you should add a few courses in during school that teach about holistic and herbal medicine.

Holistic health care for animals
As a vet tech in an alternative animal hospital, you will have the same kind of duties as you would in a conventional hospital, with possibly a few extra duties added on. One task you may have do for an alternative veterinarian is to keep amber dropper bottles ready for adding different herbs and plant extractions to make into an applicable medication. You will need to learn about all the different plants and herbs that are used in holistic animal healing. For, example, arnica, a perennial flower that grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia, is used as highly effective pain reliever. These kinds of facts are the ones you will need to add into your knowledge of animal medicine if you are interested in working at an alternative animal hospital. You will be able to learn a lot about holistic while working, including about acupuncture.

Being a vet tech at an alternative animal hospital is going to give you the opportunity to learn about herbal treatments and mixtures that have been in use for many years. The ancients had some pretty amazing medicinal mixtures that are still in use today. Some of these same medicinal mixtures are used by alternative veterinarians.

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