What Courses Do I Have to Take in School?

If you love animals, the courses that you will have to take in school to become a vet tech will be pleasurable to you. You will get to learn about a side of animals that you never knew about. The courses that you will be taking will spark even more interest in the career of being a vet tech. Some of the courses you will have to take are Animal Sciences, Microbiology, Zoo-noses, and Animal Breeds. These are only a few, but they give you the gist of the courses. If you are planning to steer your vet tech career towards a specialized area, you will be able to add elective courses. If you want to just work in a lab or just in a private cat clinic, you will be able to pick and choose certain courses that will help you customize your degree.

How long does it take to become a vet tech?
The timing really depends on you and how much time and effort you put into your courses on a daily basis. the minimum time in vet tech school is two years. You will be able to go further after that two years and get your Associates degree or your Bachelor’s degree. By gaining these degrees, you will certainly make more money and you will have some experience under your belt from going through clinics. The best feeling in the world is when you graduate and all that hard work has paid off. You are a vet tech. No matter where you go you will always be a qualified vet tech.

Where to find a job after graduation
A lot of vets will hire someone as their assistant who has never stepped foot inside the doors of a vet school. Sometimes, the vet gets lucky and that person is just plain smart and dedicated to their job. That person may even certainly be very good at being more than an assistant. the difference for this person though is that they will never be able to make the money you do because you are a graduate of vet tech school.

You need to start thinking about what kind of vet tech position it is you want to fill. Do you want to work at a private practice or would you rather work in the zoo? Have you considered jobs for vet techs that include research and labs? You are going to have plenty of opportunities as far as job placement goes. Think about what you would like as far as working with animals.

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    how loong does it take to graduate vet collage

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      4 yrs

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    I’m still in high school right now. What are the courses that i need to take in high school before I can get in vet collage?

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    im still in high school but when i graduate i want to be a veterinarian because i love animals so much i have three dogs and two cats and i always go to my friends house and help out with her horse all the time.

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    is there anyway i can become a vet tech without going to collage

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      ther might not be a way that you can become a vet with out going to college, if you were to not go to college, you have to have great grades in science no one F or D or C, and had all the classes they mentioned… but i am not to sure!=]

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        You’re stupid, there’s no way you can’t be a vet tech without going to college. You HAVE to go to college and then after your two years take a test in order to have a license to be a vet tech.

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    • Erica

      You’re stupid, there’s no way you can’t be a vet tech without going to college. You HAVE to go to college and then after your two years take a test in order to have a license to be a vet tech.

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    I have three cats and I want to be able to take care of them at home,that is why I want to be a vet.

  • i just wanted to know what high school ( or collage) classes i need to take. and what kind of degree’s? but this web site is a piece of crap that don’t tell me anything

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    to be a veterinarian you will have to at least take veterinary medicine , animal physiology and anatomy and animal nutrition. and microbiology in high school

  • My name is Felicity,what math courses do you have to take to become a vets assistant any. Let me know as soon as possible since I am working on getting my GED .i love animals and want to help them .i would like to know what it requires before I go to college though.thanks so much sincerely ,Felicity.