Getting a Vet Tech Job at the Zoo

The veterinary technician is among the healthcare careers that are growing at a phenomenal pace. In fact, Veterinary Technicians are in demand in many kinds of settings. In zoos, for instance, they assume a very important role. They monitor the health of zoo animals, which are commonly exotic, help the certified Veterinarian in performing medical […]

Hey, What’s the Vet Tech Pay?

Have you ever wanted to work in a veterinary clinic or in animal research but was concerned about the pay scale? These days with the rising cost of living what you get paid is very important. Therefore, it is critical that you find a job that you enjoy and one that will help support your […]

Can You Move The Elephant Over Here?

Many people believe Veterinary Technicians are people seen in white jackets helping the local animal doctor at the local veterinary clinic or hospital. The choice for careers within the Vet tech job sector is quite varied. Choices abound and professionals are needed working with extremely large animals usually travel to farms and ranches with a […]

What’s Needed Beyond 2010 to be a Vet Tech?

Veterinary Technicians have always helped veterinarians run efficient offices by assisting them with medical tasks. To become a Veterinary Technician, students must complete a veterinary technology program. Here is some information about education requirements for becoming Vet Technicians in 2010 and beyond. Definition of a Vet Tech A Veterinary Technician, also known as a Vet […]

What Happens After the Veterinary Technician National Exam?

Before any of the school work course of study obtained through participating in a formal veterinary technology program can be put into real world practice, graduates form recognized institutions of learning must receive their state license. The benchmark performance evaluation for granting most of the country’s individual state licenses is passing the National Veterinary Technician […]

Quality Trained Vet Techs Still in Great Demand

Although the overall unemployment rate has continued to rise in recent months, veterinary technicians are still in great demand. But, do not confuse a trained vet tech with a simple animal care technician who usually has only the training provided on the job. Advances in both veterinary medicine technology and technique are the fuel firing […]

Five Tips for Taking Better Notes as a Vet Tech Student

It is without a doubt that one of the most necessary skills a vet tech student needs to develop is note taking. Notes are not only necessary as useful review material when studying for a test, but if part of a comprehensive learning system can become valuable resources throughout your vet tech career. Learning to […]

Choosing a Hands-on Vet Tech Learning Experience

Anyone who enjoys working with animals – any kind of animals, large or small, should carefully examine a Veterinary Technician program making sure it has its own on-site animal health clinic. This is an important aspect about receiving your education as a veterinary technician since no other form of learning can replace “doing.” Additionally, always […]

Vet Techs Owe Existence to the Blue Yonder

Although techniques caring for animals pre-date history, organized veterinary medicine did not include a position of technician until quite recently. A person assisting a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) normally was a family member – wife, mother and even sister – typically trained by the physician to assist him with many daily chores. As the […]

Hey, Vet Tech…Continue With Your Education

Most vet techs are required by your state governing boards to obtain continuing education units in order to renew a license. Typically this comes down to additional 16 hours of significant college course of work or approved seminar/workshop hours that qualify for CE credits. Therefore, responsible vet techs are always on the lookout for conveniently […]