Vet Tech Salaries Vary Greatly

Jared will tell you that there isn’t much money working as a vet tech. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported the median wage in 2006 was $12.88 per hour. Although a small 10 percent earned only $8.79 per hour, at the top range vet techs earned more than $18.68 per hour. Although these salaries are averages, they may differ greatly from the area where you live. There are some facilities that start freshly graduated vet techs at more than $20 per hour. It is a good idea to search in the area where you live to get a good understanding of what the reasonable hourly wages are for vet techs.

Used as a Stepping Stone
Jared will tell you it was much better working as a veterinary technician when he was studying to become a doctor of veterinary medicine that what was to stock shelves or sling burgers. In fact, Jared found many of the courses he had taken to obtain a two-year degree in veterinary technology where applicable towards his bachelor degree. Furthermore, being involved in animal care during his undergraduate years kept him current with all the newest technology and techniques that were being applied in veterinary medicine. Additionally, once Jarred obtained his bachelor’s degree qualified for higher earnings. Also, since Jared was an excellent and conscientious vet tech is employer did not hesitate to give him performance raises while working toward getting his degree. The practical experience he obtained working all along while studying to become a veterinary physician only helped to make him a better DVM in the end.

Specializing Also Garners Greater Pay
It was during Jared’s last two years working toward his bachelor degree that he specialized working with large animals specifically cattle. Since Jared had grown up on a ranch in East Texas he was familiar with horses and cows. Therefore, it was a natural way to go to study the medical needs for such animals. Because of his undergraduate experience dealing with horses and cows, Jared also received a special recommendation for entering veterinary school.

“Many of my friends were forced to work in completely different disciplines than what they were studying during the undergraduate years. My friend, Tony, studied to be a mechanical engineer bit worked at a taco restaurant. At least I’ve been involved working with animals all along,” Jared said.

Plus, he said, the pay he received as a vet tech was better than what most his friends made and the work supplemented his in-school education since he could apply what he learned every day.

Helped Make Up His Mind
Jared said he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to be a veterinarian until he began work as a vet tech assisting physicians every day.

“The more I worked as a tech, the more I became convinced I wanted to continue with my education to become a doctor. It was a long road but well worth it. Having a vet tech jobs all along was a great blessing. Not only did I get paid to do something I loved, the job itself helped prepare me for the future – a future I am experiencing now as a practicing ranch vet.”

Jared grabbed a job on a huge cattle ranch is Oklahoma right after graduation making a great wage doing exactly what he wants.