Taking in Animal Control

One animal caregiver that works closely with vet techs in many animal shelters across the country are the animal control officers.Many times the vet tech is the one who will receive in the animals that the officers bring in and sometimes, these can be some pretty bad cruelty cases. Unfortunately for some animals, they are mistreated so badly by their so-called owners that they end up being euthanized right away upon being brought into an animal shelter or animal hospital. Those animals will not die in vain with the cooperation of vet techs and animal control officers working in their favor.

Yes, Your honor, and No, Your Honor

The roles a vet tech can play in the memories of all the animals they witnessed coming into the clinic or shelter they work at is being able to go to court in favor of the animals. Even if they can’t be there in person, a lot of vet techs sign and witness cruelty reports written out by the veterinarians that stand up as evidence in a court of law so that the abusing owners can be prosecuted and punished severely.
The terrible tragedy of animal cruelty has gotten to be so widespread that popular television shows are made about the assortment of cases that some of these animal control officers go to and with the help of attending vet techs, end up taking to court to ensure justice is served on behalf of the animals.
To report animal abuse, call your local county animal control office.
For more information, please visit:www.animalshelternet.com