Stress, an Occupational Hazard

There’s that word..again! STRESS!! You see it every you go and everyone is always talking about it. Being a vet tech is unfortunately no different. The amount of heavy stress that is dumped on you everyday just from pet owners is enough.

But, if you add in the stress from having a full workload of cleaning and medicating the hospitalized patients, an appointment book loaded with surgery all morning and rechecks and vaccines every half hour for that afternoon, the one dog in the back had explosive diarrhea, the dog down from him won’t stop howling and barking, and don’t forget about the litter of puppies crying that that you found dumped on the front steps when you arrived that morning, and please don’t an emergency come through the door, and you can honestly say you are under the heaviest stress on the planet.

Staying organized will save you a lot of time
The only good thing is this is the kind of stress that a good vet tech will thrive in. The more challenges, the better for those whose heart is the middle of it all. The best way to handle days like these is to stay calm and just take care of the most important duties first and things will fall into place. You will be sighing ‘whew’ at the end of the day and be content and happy as well. Not every day is as hectic as that one, but a good many of them are. Wherever you end up working as a vet tech, you will need to get in a routine, starting as soon as you get there. If you keep things organized and keep supplies stocked at all times, you won’t have such a hard time during the busy times.Utilize your spare time well.

Many people who even go through school will give up the career as a vet tech due to being overworked and to not getting paid enough for the kind of workload they have everyday. True enough, but to be a vet tech that makes it, you must have the heart to care more about the animals than the money. Yes,the money is important but you will learn to sacrifice things for yourself to be able to stay at the job of a vet tech if your heart is truly in it just for your patients. Your love of the animals will make the choice for you whether or not you continue in your career as a vet tech.