Vet Tech Responsibilities & Duties

If you think you know a lot about animal care just from owning a pet, you need to realize that isn’t going to be all you need to be a vet tech. A lot of people will apply for a job as vet tech without ever having gone to school for it.

Being a vet tech entails a lot more than just feeding, walking, and changing litter pans. If you are vet tech, you probably won’t be doing a lot of that anyway because the kennel staff will take care of those things. Your job will be to assist the doctor in the actual animal treatments and dealing with owners.

The best part of the job are the challenges you will face everyday from animals. You will be able to learn so much about their behavior and health. The learning doesn’t stop when you walk out the doors of school. The $33,000 annual salary is good too.

Education & training go beyond the classroom
In your dedication to animal health, you need to remember that you will have to stay updated on the latest and the greatest in animal medicine for as long as you work as a vet tech. You may even be able to attend educational conferences like WVC with the doctors you work with.

Hands-on experience is everything
The possibilities are limitless when it comes to staying on top of animal health and new advances in animal medicine. Your education will go a lot further than just what you learned in school. You will learn the best way to get that terrified cat out of the cage and then be able to draw blood from that same cat without getting bitten. You learn how to hit those tiny veins in puppies and kittens.

There is so much that you will learn as you are working as a vet tech and that is the best part. Wait until you can look up from listening to that dog’s heart beat and tell the doctor about the heart murmur you hear, before the doctor has even listened. The satisfaction you will feel in times like this makes it all worth while.

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