Create a Vet Tech School Campus Visit Checklist

Now that you have decided to visit a potential that tech school campus you going to want to make the most of your visit while they are. It is highly recommended that you create a vet tech school campus visit checklist before you arrive on campus that will give you enough time to gain a better understanding of what school life is going to be, both academic and social. There are the items you should consider putting on your visit checklist:
• Make sure to take a tour of the campus.
• Conduct interview with any admissions personnel.
• Obtain all necessary financial aid forms.
• Receive business cards and the names of all the people you meet on the faculty and staff for possible future contacts.
• Participate in group information sessions available at the admissions office while on campus.
• Ask to sit in on a vet tech class so you can get a good feel for what you will soon experience.
• Take the opportunity to talk to either the head of the department or a professor whose class you may soon take.
• Take a tour of any of the veterinary medical facilities present on the campus and if possible has to see a live demonstration of how the facility works.
• Arrange to talk with and possibly socialize with a group of present veterinary technician students so you can get their opinions about their academic and social school lives.
• Arrange to spend the night at a dorm room.
• Pick up the student newspaper.
• Look for any other school publications such as department newsletters, any alternate theme to newspapers, literary views, brochures, pamphlets and any other printed information you can find readily accessible on campus.
• Scan all bulletin boards while walking around campus taking note of the events and other occurrences that are available for students in their day-to-day life.
• Take a meal in the cafeteria.
• Ask students you meet why they chose to go to school here. Ask them what their favorite thing is about the college as well as what their least favorite aspect is about the school.
• Always browse through the college bookstore as well as checking out the campus library.
• Picture you take a walk or drive to the adjoining communities that surround the college just to see what they look like to get a better “layout of the land.”
• Ask students that you meet will contact these are available on weekends.
• Listen to the college radio station if there is one available, if not, ask students what are the favorite local radio stations that people listen to.
• While walking about the campus, always try to visualize yourself participating just like all the other people you see on your college campus tour.

If you devise a checklist such as this one ahead of time as part of your planning before visiting a potential vet tech school, you will save yourself a lot of time providing a wealth of information that this tool will present you upon its successful use.