Can I Go to Vet Tech School Part Time?

Sometimes, people looking to further their education by attending school part time may need to re-examine this decision. And, while this may be appropriate in many industries, it may not be the best or smartest move to make when thinking about pursuing education to become a veterinary technician.

Advantages of Part-Time Education
Obviously, one the best advantages for anyone attending school part time is to still hold down a full-time job making sure your bills are paid and this food on the table. Part-time learning can sometimes fit into a busy work schedule allowing participants to pursue education at a more relaxed and convenient pace. However, when examining the effort needed to become a veterinary technician, holding down a full-time job, while pursuing an accredited course of study, might not seem to be the best move to make.

Part-time is Not Recommended
It is hard enough to do much of anything after working a 40 hour week let alone successfully pursue the course of advanced education like becoming a veterinary technician. Keep in mind, a good deal of that education needs to take place in a practical, working clinic where you will either be employed or act as a volunteer. This requirement may take precedence over you working a 9-to-5 Monday through Friday job. Additionally, since the administration and faculty of schools offering a veterinary technician training consider it to be a very demanding an intense course of study usually will not accept part-time students.

Time to Complete Course of Study
One of the considerations for not allowing part-time study for becoming a veterinary technician is that the minimum time needed to accomplish this educational task is usually two full years. Working at this half-time would result in a four year pursuit. Qualifying exams taken at the end of your education term may cover subject area where actual information has changed in the course of time. Also, schools will not take into consideration the scheduling of practical clinical time around any student’s need to hold down a full-time job. Typically, your course schedule and practical clinical participation will be dictated by the school administration based on its availability to place students at appropriate times and location.

Doing it the Right Way
Yes, it is an old cliché that states that anything worth doing is worth doing the right way. The nature of the course of study concentrating on a lot of scientific and math-related studies require a high and active participation level is participants looked to be successful at not only fulfilling the minimal requirements obtaining a quality education that will not only benefit them but their employers s as well. Technology and technique in the world of veterinary medicine is changing quickly and almost constantly. It is difficult enough for working veterinary technicians who have already graduated from an accredited program to keep up with this change. It may be impossible for any attempt at a part-time course of study to handle these similar changes in a school setting.

Individuals who believe that they do not have the proper amount of time to initiate a course of study to become a veterinary technician might consider holding off for sometime saving up enough money to handle a focused and full-time pursuit leading to warning career of a veterinary technician.