Becoming a Horse Trainer

Horse Trainers are responsible to provide various training to the horses for their specific movements, behaviors and response, while performing in race, work, show, riding and other tasks. They make the horses get used to different physical contacts and human voice. Once the horse seems comfortable, the Horse Trainers help them to respond different riders’ commands. These professionals use various techniques to correct many behavioral problems of the horses such as biting, kicking, head tossing etc. They plan training exercises as well as desensitize horses to unfamiliar sights and sounds. They help the horses to accustom with saddle and bridle. They may also arrange for mating of stallions and mares, and assist mares during foaling. They treat the horses on minor injuries as well as consult the veterinarians when more advanced clinical care is required. In addition, they educate jockeys how to direct and manage racehorses. They also teach the horse owners how to care for and handle horses.

Work Environment

Horse Trainers work in verities of environments such as training center, riding stable or similar equestrian complex. They may also be self employed. Apart from horse training, these professionals can also become riding instructors or barn managers.

Educational Requirement

For the position of a Horse Trainer, no such formal degree is required but most of these professionals have significant practical experience working with horses. The candidates are required to have expert riding skills and a thorough knowledge of horse husbandry and management.

However a degree in equine studies program is always an advantage in this field. Course work may include horsemanship, equine anatomy and physiology, animal ethics and welfare, equine nutrition and equine diseases, facility management, equine behavior etc

Job Outlook and Salary

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the growth rate for job opportunities for Horse Trainers may rise 15% from 2014 to 2024, more than average across all occupations. The average annual salary of a Horse Trainer was $32,400 in May 2014.