So You Don’t Want To Deal With Pet Owners

As a veterinary technician at the usual small animal practice, part of your daily chores will be interacting with your animal patients’ owners. This can be a trying situation since most pets are treated like family members. Pet health care becomes quite an emotional situation. And, at times those owners can appear very demanding and quite irrational. It takes a special kind of person to deal with a high degree and constant occurrence of unchecked human emotion especially when it comes to pet care. Therefore, your love of animals does not have to always be associated with the job dealing with humans.

Other opportunities abound

Veterinary technicians who do not want to have to deal with human clients can specialize in many other aspects of animal care and direct their education toward that purpose. There are plenty of alternative sources that higher qualified vet techs including, but not limited to, wildlife preserves, ranches, aquariums, university research laboratories, veterinary schools, animal shelters, zoos, wildlife theme parks and many more. If you intend to specialize, for example: large animals like horses, you may need to obtain some additional education.

In recent years, opportunities have opened up for veterinary technicians in marine wildlife research.