Considering a career as a Veterinary Technician?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of veterinary technologists and technicians is expected to grow 36 percent from 2008 to 2018. Click here to learn more.

Becoming a Poultry Scientist

Poultry Scientists primarily conduct research on various birds such as chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys for the purpose of poultry breeding, food producing, medicine, and other human use. They explore birds’ genetics, nutrition, reproduction, diseases, growth, and development. They work to develop efficient ways to produce and process poultry as well as effects of environmental […]

Becoming a Wildlife Forensic Scientist

Wildlife Forensic Scientists primarily conduct laboratory analysis of collected samples in order to investigate various wildlife crimes including animal cruelty, poaching, wildlife trade, hunting activities, oil spills, illegal trade of animals’ body parts such as skins, bones or meat, so on and so forth. They identify the species to which an animal, part, or product […]

Becoming an Animal Lawyer

Animal Lawyers advise and represent individuals, or other agencies on legal issues in connection with the protection, conservation and overall welfare of the animals. Their areas of specialization within the law include tort such as veterinary negligence claims; crime such as animal cruelty, tainted food products etc; and public law such as judicial review challenges […]

Becoming an Animal care Manager

Animal Care Managers are responsible for caring the animals, overseeing facilities and supervising the animal care workers in an array of settings, such as farms, zoos, kennels, pet stores, animal shelters and other facilities. They ensure the routine work including feeding, bathing, cleaning, exercising and other tasks necessary for the welfare of animals. In addition, […]

Becoming a Veterinary Pathologist

Veterinary Pathologists are doctors of veterinary medicine who specialize in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases in varieties of animals such as pets, livestock, wild animals, captive zoo animals etc. based on the laboratory analysis of body tissues and fluids. Their key responsibilities include examining animal tissues and fluids, performing biopsies or necropsies, identifying […]

Becoming an Equine Dental Technician

Equine Dental Technicians are veterinary professionals who provide dental care of equine animals, particularly horses. They primarily assist the Equine Dentist during the study, diagnosis, and treatment of various oral diseases, or dental disorders of horses. They also identify emerging dental problems and take measures to prevent these issues from developing further. Their key responsibility […]

Becoming a Pet Adoption Counselor

Pet Adoption Counselors provide assistance to potential adopters for finding appropriate shelter pets such as dogs, cats and other animals. They ensure quality customer service to patrons who visit or call the shelter. Their responsibilities include evaluating potential adopters, managing the adoption process, sharing information about animal behavior, monitoring the animals in day-to-day basis, resolving […]

Becoming a Veterinary Acupuncturist

Veterinary Acupuncturists insert the needles into the specific point of an animal’s body to stimulate nerve activity, increase circulation, relieve pain and treat other health disorders. They develop and implement treatment plans based on the individual animal’s needs. They interact with the owners of the animal to know the health conditions of animals. They perform […]

Becoming an Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Officers are responsible for ensuring the well-being of animals as well as responding to claims of dangerous animals that are imposing risk to human beings. They are dedicated to handle animals of all sizes and temperaments. Their duties include investigating claims of abused, abandoned or unattended animals; examining animal licenses and inspecting animal […]

Becoming an Animal Breeder

Animal Breeders produce animals and care their day-to-day life for numerous purposes such as sale, show, sport, consumption, preservation or companionship of animals. The animals may be pets, farm animals, or exotic animals. Animal breeders use their knowledge of genetics to select qualitative breeding stock that will produce superior offspring. Their responsibilities include arranging environment […]